Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wikipedia takes down its Italian site over draft law

The free, web-based, collaborative, encyclopedia project Wikipedia has taken down its Italian website in protest over a proposed new privacy law.

The law is being drafted in response to embarrassing wiretaps of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who is on trial for corruptions and engaging underage prostitutes.
Wikipedia has replaced their Italian site with a message of protest against the law which it says would require a publisher to remove any material from it site that is deemed detrimental to the image of the person requesting the action – the website would have 48 hours to comply with the request.

L'obbligo di pubblicare fra i nostri contenuti le smentite previste dal comma 29, senza poter addirittura entrare nel merito delle stesse e a prescindere da qualsiasi verifica, costituisce per Wikipedia una inaccettabile limitazione della propria libertà e indipendenza: tale limitazione snatura i principi alla base dell'Enciclopedia libera e ne paralizza la modalità orizzontale di accesso e contributo, ponendo di fatto fine alla sua esistenza come l'abbiamo conosciuta fino a oggi.

The obligation to publish our content in the denials provided by paragraph 29 , even without being able to debate the same and regardless of any inspection, is for Wikipedia an unacceptable restriction of our freedom and independence: this limitation distorts the principles of  Free Encyclopedia and paralyzes access and contributions, effectively putting an end to its existence as we have known up to now.
– very rough Google translation.