Friday, November 4, 2011

Apple issues second iOS beta as it rushes to solve battery issues with the new iPhone 4S

The user reaction for owners of the new iPhone 4S has been overwhelmingly positive with really only one complaint (ignoring the Siri hiccup yesterday): some owners have found that battery life has been disappointing.

Apple issued a new iOS beta (5.0.1) on Wednesday that appears to help the situation. Today Apple issued a second beta (5.0.2) which should indicate that the company is just about ready to release the update to the public.

In addition to the battery issue, there is the expected introduction of iTunes Match. Apple had promised that the service would be launched by the end of October, but that deadline has come and gone – though I think most customers are more than willing to wait rather than have the service released in a glitchy form.

iTunes Match is a $24.99 per year service that finds the music you have in iTunes and matches it with music on Apple's servers. The idea is that customers that sign up for the service can then have access to their music on any device, at any time. Apple says that they have 20 million in their iTune store that can be matched so have no fear, even that Brady Bunch LP you only play when your wife is not around is in there, too.