Tuesday, November 8, 2011

BBC Newsnight report claims that News of the World surveillance was conducted 'on an industrial scale'

The BBC has posted a preview of the news report it will air tonight on its Newsnight program. The report claims that the Murdoch owned News of the World "engaged in covert surveillance on an industrial scale."

Over an eight year period of time the paper spied on celebrities ranging from members of the royal family to footballers.

The BBC's Newsnight correspondent Richard Watson interviewed Derek Webb who is claimed to have been paid to followed 90 targets over the eight years of his involvement with the British tabloid.

"I was working for them extensively on many jobs throughout that time. I never knew when I was going to be required. They phoned me up by the day or by the night... It could be anywhere in the country," Webb is quoted by the BBC.

"The News of The World employed me to do a job, I did the job to the best of my ability. I didn't infringe on private ground, on private property... I never did anything which is unlawful," he said.

The Newsnight report will air at 22:30 GMT, or 5:30 EST.

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Matt Rhys-Davies said...

Excellent - will keep an eye out for this.

Although I will be surprised if anything about this saga manages to surprise me.