Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mag+ launches its own single issue tablet publishing solution (for only $199), while introducing a new pricing plan for larger publishing houses

The digital publishing solutions provider behind Mag+ has introduced a new single-issue tablet publishing solution called Mag+ Go. The new pricing format costs $199 for a single-issue app that may prove the perfect solution for a catalog, e-book or special magazine issue. More importantly, it may be a good way for magazine publishers to experiment with tablet publishing.

Mag+ Go allows publishers to issue corrections to their app at no additional charge and to add more apps for other devices at the same low price.

In addition to Mag+ Go, the company has also announced that it has launched another pricing level for larger publishing houses, Mag+ Lead. For one standard price of $3,000 per month, this level will allow for the publishing of multiple apps and issues at one simple pricing level. For a magazine publisher with multiple titles this level would put a cap on their production costs for digital publishing for tablets.

The former pricing structure remains in place but has been renamed Mag+ Grow. This would involve an initial cost of $2,500 for a branded app. This would cover the cost of the app and the first five months of publishing. Thereafter the cost is $500 per month, though you are only charged the $500 for months where you actually publish.

The Mag+ publishing tools remain free to download on the company's website and the Mag+ Reviewer app can be found free to download in the App Store.

The full press release from Mag+ is after the jump.

Mag+ Expands Tablet Publishing Platform with New Enterprise Offering and Single-Issue Solution for $199

Company also Announces New Functionality and Android OS Support

NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2011 – Mag+ today announced two new offerings for its game-changing tablet publishing platform that allow more creatives and publishers to join the digital content revolution. With its new Mag+ Go, a $199 app delivering a single issue, the company has lowered the barrier for catalogs, e-books or anyone with a unique publishing idea. Large publishing houses will benefit from Mag+ Lead, which offers personalized creative support and unlimited publishing for one low monthly price.

Additionally, Mag+ has added groundbreaking new features to its platform, including options for creating in-app music playlists as well as multiple options for publishers to custom-brand their apps and stores. Support for the 10” Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom, and other tablets running the Android Honeycomb OS, is also included.

“Mag+ is all about facilitating the creative process and empowering developers to bring to life anything they can imagine,” said CEO, Staffan Ekholm. “By making the platform available to a wider range of designers, we’re able to help stimulate a constant flow of the sort of publications the dreamers and visionaries have been waiting for since the day the touchscreen tablet hit the market.”

All Mag+ tools are free to download with no upfront costs. More on Mag+ products can be found here. Specifics on the new, expanded offerings are as follows:
  • Mag+ Go: (single application, single issue) – $199. One issue, one app. Design for any device, and add more operating systems or languages for just $199 each. Upgrade anytime. No cost for corrections of that single issue, ever.
  • Mag+ Grow: (single application, multiple issues) – $2,500 for Branded App and unlimited publishing in first five months, thereafter $500 per month for unlimited publishing, charged ONLY for publishing months. Publish multiple issues with in-app store and library and get subscription management, analytics, marketing tools and more, to grow your business.
  • Mag+ Lead: (multiple applications, multiple issues) – $3,000 a month. Publish multiple apps and issues and get it all for one monthly fee, including unlimited app builds and publishing on any OS, personalized creative support, and virtually unlimited downloads.
Customers are able to upgrade to Mag+ Grow or Mag+ Lead at any time.

New Features: Music, Playlists, Email/Twitter Share, Customization and More:
Also launching today are new features for the Mag+ platform. The most notable allows designers to make an in-app playlist of tracks embedded in the issue, so users can listen to the issue’s “soundtrack” anytime by playing and pausing from the app’s navigation bar.

Other changes include:
  • Enhanced issue navigation, including previews of a page’s vertical scrolling length
  • New embedded issue previews
  • Customizable banners and menu system in the in-app store
  • Social sharing via Email/Twitter, including preview images and custom URLs
About Mag+
Mag+ (www.magplus.com) is the most flexible and efficient platform for publishing creative content on touch screen tablets. Mag+ premiered on the first iPads in April 2010 with the award winning Popular Science+ application and now supports more than 100 apps, including those from Outside, IKEA and Maxim. With its streamlined production system, powerful backend and feature-rich design framework, Mag+ is ideal for anyone — from magazine and book publishers to catalogue marketers and design agencies — wanting to bring beautiful, immersive content to the millions using this new generation of digital devices.