Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Media app updates: Guardian updates its 'Eyewitness' photojournalism app; Tribune Company remains outside of Newsstand with its L.A. Times app update

The Guardian has updated its The Guardian Eyewitness iPad app, one of the earliest media iPad app released, and one that seldom sees an update.

The app still is not incorporating AirPlay support directly through the app, though I suppose those with newer iPads can simply mirror their display through their AppleTV to achieve the same thing – viewing the photographs on their HDTVs.

Tribune Interactive has updated its app Los Angeles Times App for iPad. The update fixes some of the bugs that have annoyed readers using the app.

The update, though, does not bring the L.A. Times into Newsstand, or add any paid model to the existing app. (There are now 312 iPad apps that are Newsstand compliant now in the App Store.)

Google continues to update its Google Catalogs app, which some users have complained crashes. The app description seems to suggest that the update will fix these.

The portfolio of catalogs to be found in the Google app continues to grow. As of today the app contains nine categories of catalogs: Women's Fashion, Jewelry, Beauty, Home, Men's Fashion, Kids & Baby, Gifts, Gourmet and Intimates (nope, no Victoria's Secret as of yet).