Thursday, November 17, 2011

Morning Brief: OWS protesters turn to iPhone app to coordinate demonstrations; an uncomfortable handshake

An interesting post on called my attention to an app from the developer Hollr.

Called simply GO HD, the app allows users to use photo and video to tag events to your GPS location. It is sort of a "here I am" app.

The post, written by Janet Maragioglio, tells of the apps use by Occupy Wall Street protesters to coordinate demonstrations.

"What separates Go from other social media sharing apps, however, is its ability to hide a poster's name and identity," writes Maragioglio. "Unlike apps which simplify authentication via Facebook or Twitter, Go lets users skip self-authentication entirely, allowing them to post as 'anonymous'."

Those OWS demonstrations continue today, though one wouldn't know it by reading the New York Times. Instead, the best coverage is coming from The Guardian, which recently staffed up for their U.S. launch. The Guardian's U.S. website is currently maintaining a live blog to cover demonstrations in NYC.

The Presidents Cup began today in Melbourne, Australia. The event doesn't get the hype build up that the Ryder Cup does, and this year it seems even more low key. Maybe it is the time difference.

But the first round matches ended up being pretty interesting. The U.S. won four points versus the International's 2. But the interesting match was Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker versus Adam Scott and KJ Choi.

You see Adam Scott's caddy is Steve Williams. Williams is Woods's former caddy and someone who got in a heap of controversy for some rather racist comments made two weeks ago (he has since apologized and said he didn't mean them the way they were interpreted).

The International team beat Woods-Stricker 7&6, a wipe out in golfing terms. The picture of Woods shaking hands with Williams is worth viewing.