Monday, November 21, 2011

MPA releases new survey of tablet owners; new digital devices are boosting magazine reading, engagement

Another survey released today comes to us from association representing magazine publishers. The MPA–The Association of Magazine Media commissioned the research firm Affinity to conduct the survey which had 1,00p magazine readers as respondents.

What the survey found was that 90 percent said that since buying a tablet or eReader they are consuming as much or more magazine content, and 63 percent said they want even more content to be in digital form.

The best news from the survey may be in the area of advertising where 59 percent of those surveyed said they would like to have the ability to buy directly from ads, while 70 percent said they like the idea of direct purchasing from editorial content (ar you listening B2B publishers?).

“Digital magazines are taking the medium to the next level,” said Christopher Kevorkian, EVP/Digital, MPA. “While various research has long proved that print magazines drive purchase behavior, digital magazines hold the promise of creating a direct link between purchase intent and actual transaction. The study proves that consumers look to magazine media to create that opportunity.”

By the way: I'm really glad to see this kind of research, thanks MPA. But now we need research that goes deeper, that helps publishers know more about the preferences of tablet readers. For instance, my hunch is that younger readers want more interactive magazines, more native apps, while older readers (and publishers?) are satisfied with digital replicas. But it is also possible that, as Jobs said, that many consumers don't really know what they want until someone shows it to them. In other words, publishers need to be more out-front when it comes to publishing technology and less reliant on vendors.