Wednesday, November 30, 2011

'Nerd Nite: The Magazine' is set to launch in January; combines 'the intellectualism of the Paris Review with the animal sex of the Discovery channel'

Nerds have something to look forward to in 2012, their own magazine thanks to the folks behind Nerd Nite. Nerd Nite: The Magazine is scheduled to launch in January of next year, and judging by the story layouts sent to me (see below) it looks like they are pretty well along in getting their first issue out the door.

As their announcement states, "Nerd Nite is a monthly, boozy gathering of nerds and non-nerds alike in 28 cities around the world. Crowds gather to hear expert presentations on anything from art forgeries to sure-fire strategies for killing zombies." So you can expect the same sort of mix of humor and intellectualism in the printed magazine.

(I asked why nerds would want a print magazine versus something digital, but was told not all nerds are tech savvy. Who knew.)
“We saw an opportunity,” said Matt Wasowski, Nerd Nite's NY big boss. “Until now, no one has thought to combine the intellectualism of the Paris Review with the animal sex of the Discovery channel.”

Stories planned for the first issue include a fashion shoot inspired by the history of the jumpsuit, a fiery infographic on romance novel covers, a mathematical analysis of dating, and a cautionary tale about a vicious, thumb-splitting crustacean.

The plan is to publish six issues a year and to make the magazine available via subscription ($60 per year) and at Nerd Nite events. The magazine already has a page up in support so you can check it out there and subscribe, if you like.