Thursday, November 3, 2011

One Last Thing: PBS puts its documentary about the late Steve Jobs online and on DVD (but no iPad?)

Viewers can now watch the quickly assembled documentary on the late Steve Jobs, One Last Thing, on the network's website.

The documentary, part of the PBS Presents series, is also available now on DVD. At this time, however, the documentary is not available through the PBS iPad app, which is, of course, crazy. But maybe it will make an appearance later today.

The documentary features interviews with some of those you'd expect – Steve Wozniak, for instance – but also people like Ross Perot who was an investor in NeXT, the company Steve Jobs created after his ouster from Apple in the eighties.

Word of warning: the documentary is pretty awful in parts. Sappy and cliched. Jobs would have hated it, I think. In the end, the documentary is an excuse to use a few minutes, a few seconds almost, of unused interview with Jobs. PBS would have been better to wait and produce something with more depth.