Thursday, November 10, 2011

Report says Amazon has increased its Kindle Fire order to 5 million units, but ...

Several tech sites are reporting today that Amazon has upped its order for Kindle Fire units to 5 million for 2011. That would be a very impressive number of tablets, if true.

The problem for me is that whether it is or AppleInsider, they are all sourced back to this original post from Digitimes.

Sorry, but I have a serious problem with this. After all, just last month Digitimes said on the morning before the Apple earnings conference call that iPad sales would come in at 13 million units – they came in at 11.1 million. Gee, what's two million between friends, right?

This repeating of information is, I guess, the way of the Internet as one site copies another, who copies another. But rarely do I see writers take a second to wonder about the validity or track record of the original source. Often it is enough that another tech site has repeated the news.

Has Amazon upped its sales expectations? Who knows, but this report just won't convince me one way or another until confirmed by Amazon – and they simply don't like to report actual units sold.