Monday, November 14, 2011

Spanish gaming website launches a new app that moves its tablet-only magazine into Newsstand

In May of this year I wrote about the launch of a tablet-only magazine zonaBlade, an offshoot of the Spanish gaming website Now a new app has been released that brings that tablet-only magazine into Newsstand.
zonaBLADE EVO is a free app that also gives you access to the November issue free of charge. Readers can also subscribe for free so that new issues will download automatically.

Meanwhile the old app, BLADE Magazine, is still in the App Store and I assume will continue to function.

One thing I found interesting is that the publisher appears to have created a second Apple developer account to launch the new app. The new app appears under the name zonaBlade, while the old app was launched under the seller name of I don't know what advantages there would be to creating a new developer account – guess I'll have to think about that a bit.

Blade magazine vuelve a tu iPad con más contenidos, mejores articulos y una imagen totalmente renovada. Bienvenido a la nueva zonaBLADE EVO, la primera revista española sobre videojuegos disenada exclusivamente para tablets.

"Blade Magazine back to your iPad with more content, better items and completely renewed. Welcome to the new zonaBLADE EVO, the first Spanish magazine about videogames designed exclusively for tablets."
– App Description

The new app will let you access the library page in landscape, but unlike the previous version of the tablet-=only magazine, this app must be read strictly in portrait. This is somewhat unfortunate but it does keep the size of the downloads down and it simplifies things for advertisers who do not have to supply copy for both orientations.

The old version of the app was very well received in the Spanish App Store receiving pretty much unanimous praise. There is no reason to believe this one won't be well received, as well.