Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Street Press Australia: A look at two more tablet editions that use the Oomph platform from Mogeneration

The Australian publisher Street Press Australia has updated their two tablet editions inside the App Store to add the magazines to Apple's new Newsstand app.
Both Three Magazine, an iPad-only magazine, and Drum Media received the iOS 5 updates.

As the publisher's name would suggest, both tablet editions are free to download, and individual issues are free, as well. iPad owners can also "subscribe" so that their issues will download automatically.

I've written a few times about apps that are using the Oomph digital publishing platform, as these two apps do. Maybe I'm being a little dim, but I'm still at a loss for exactly how the platform works – is it a plug-in like Mag+, or what? I really need to check this out, but because of the time difference it is a bit hard to communicate in a timely fashion with anyone in Australia. Maybe I should take a trip, what do you think?

In any case, like the apps from Hardie Grant, these are simply conversions that seem to work well for the reader. They are best read in portrait as the landscape pages are simply blown up versions of the portrait pages. It is an interesting digital publishing solution, and one obviously being employed more and more by Australian publishers.

Left: The use of scrolling within a page; Middle: another typical layout in the latest issue of Three Magazine; Right: the library page for Drum Media were issues can be accessed and where the reader can subscribe for free.


KAnt said...

This is not a plug-in; you create all interactivity in a simple inDesign (as well as iWorks) page by creating hyperlinks to all the elements and closing as a PDF.

I was prompted by your earlier article to check it out. Indeed it seems very promising, as it's easy to create interactivity. You can check their wiki (found here: for instructions on how various interactive elements are done.

Having worked with Adobe DPS, WoodWing, Mag+ and Aquafadas so far, the Oomph solution seems very different, but it works great. I would love to see them coding it into a plug-in, it may be of broader appeal to the casual graphic designer.

One thing I'd like them to do is more instructional videos. Their publications contain some interesting ideas and I would like to see how they're done. Granted, they provide open inDesign files, but I'd rather learn by a tutorial step-by-step video.

Tony Redhead said...

Hi Douglas & KAnt,

I've just joined Oomph as their Creative Technologist and it's part of my job description to talk and demonstrate Oomph to designers and also to create training videos.

I'll also be doing regular webinars on features within Oomph and I'd be happy to set one up with you at a time that suits you.

You can build the structure and interactivity for the magazines you've reviewed in any application that generates a pdf and provides hyperlinks. At it's core it's a simple as that.

I'm a bit like KAnt in that I was part of the Adode DPS beta, played with Aquafadas/Quark9, Mag+ but I really love the methodology behind Oomph and the flexible workflow that comes with it.