Thursday, November 3, 2011

Time Home Entertainment launches special tablet edition of Fortune, "The Legacy of Steve Jobs"

I'll try and not get into my feelings about media people or companies who are trying to make a quick buck from the death of Steve Jobs. Simon & Schuster can certainly be excused for moving up the publication date of the Jobs biography – after all, everyone knew this was coming and were excited to read the book.

But whether it is media consultants who previously had dissed the iPad and called Apple's policies evil now turning around and offering teary eyed memorials in order to get some screen time. or media companies hurrying out special issues, the idea of turning someone's death into a profit center always irked me – the death of Princess Diana being the best (or worst) example.
So instead of talking about this new app from Time Home Entertainment from that perspective, I think it is interesting to look at FORTUNE The Legacy of Steve Jobs from a pricing perspective.

The new app can be found in the News category of the App Store. It is an iPad-only app that is priced at $14.99. This is quite a high price point for a tablet publication.

The app can be read in both portrait and landscape and as a result weighs in at 419 MB.

The decision to price it at this price point probably reflects the normal pricing strategy for a single issue – single issues on the newsstand often are priced around this level. But the pricing is more at a book level, when we talk about tablet editions.

As the app was released just last night there are no reviews inside the App Store, but I will be interested to see the reaction from readers and whether those that actually buy the single issue have found it worth their while.