Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Warning, next up for your entertainment: iPad 3 rumors

The worst part about running TNM is having to read up on what the tech sites have to say about smartphones and tablets. The obsession with 'who is up and who is down', and analysts, analysts, analysts, is not a pleasant experience.

Sales predictions for Apple products are like those TV sports reporters and their football game predictions: viewers pay attention to them before Sunday, then quickly forget how wrong they were on Monday. Come the following week viewers pay attention again as if the faulty predictions of the previous week never happened.

Take the silly story (no link, because they don't deserve on for this garbage) this morning from Business Insider, a leader purveyor of junk tech news and aggregated content. An "analyst" has cut their Apple iPad sales estimate to 14 million from 17 million. Oh my.

But I seem to remember everyone's shock that Apple was able to sell almost 20 million iPads in all of 2010. So obviously the fact that Apple will, this analyst says, only sell 14 million tablets in this next quarter is cause for concern, right? These guys need to get a life.

But wait, things are about to get worse in the tech media: next up will be iPad 3 rumors. It was, after all, about this time of the year in 2009 that the rumors began in earnest that Apple would be releasing its first tablet, or iSlate, or whatever. The first post on TNM, though at the time invisible to readers, was written on December 3 with the headline Time previews Sports Illustrated tablet magazine which talked about what SI would look like a product that did not, at that time, exist.

Rumors, rumors, rumors. There will be plenty of them to keep us all entertained until Tim Cook announces the iPad 3 launch event, surely to occur some time between the end of January and the end of March.