Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You say you want a revolution (in Syria). Well, you know (there's an app for that). We all want to change the world.

The opposition in Syria now have their own news app – a simple news reader that gives its users the latest news and YouTube videos on the fight to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. The app is universal, so it will work on all iOS devices.
Called Souria Wa Bas - سورية و بس (I hope your browser will display the Persian), the app is free to download.

ار بأقصى سرعه ممكنه. وسعيا منا لنشر اخبار بلدنا الغالي على اعلى نطاق فقد قمنا بتصميم هذا البرنامج خصيصا لنقل الاحداث.

Under the fast-moving events in Syria .. And the deliberate attempts to distort the facts by some.

We have compiled the most important Syrian news sources available, that are covering the events efficiently in order to spread most of the videos and latest news as quickly as possible.
In our attempt to spread the news about our beloved country at the highest levels, we have designed and developed this program specifically for these reasons.

– App Description
The app was developed under the name "Syrian App", presumably to remain as anonymous. The developer also has a blogspot website which is equally anonymous.

The app uses push notifications to keep readers up-to-date with events in Syria, which the app description says it takes from 40 different news sources. Here are additional screen captures: