Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Attack in Liège: Belgian dailies launch live blogs to keep readers informed of events, death toll

The first news of a grenade attack in the Belgian town of Liège came through tweets. But soon the newspapers Le Soir and De Morgen were up with their stories and live blogs.

The French language daily, Le Soir, started a live blog almost immediately, in order to keep track of the rumors and official announcements.

In the past, news organizations outside of the area of the news event would be mostly blind until they could get their reporters to the seen or watch TV coverage. But more and more reporters are now used to tracking local news organizations for current information. The use of Google's Chrome browser, with its translation capabilities, is making this easier to accomplish.

As this post is being written, De Morgen says that the attack by Nordine Amrani, a local with criminal record, has claimed the life of three citizens, plus the attacker (four in total), and has injured 75. The attack was carried out with grenades and a Kalashnikov.
15u23: Nordine Amrani is dus geen onbekende bij de politie. De 32-jarige man is al veroordeeld geweest tot een celstraf van 58 maanden. Er waren tientallen wapens bij hem ontdekt, alsook 2.800 cannabisplanten.

3:23 p.m.: Nordine Amrani is no stranger to the police. The 32-year-old man has already been sentenced to 58 months in prison. Dozens of weapons were discovered with him, as well as 2,800 cannabis plants.
– Google Chrome translation.