Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas – New Year's Day schedule

We're winding it down here at TNM, preparing to start the season's gift shopping. I know, I'm one of those that waits until just about the last moment.

But this year I have an excuse: travel, a near oven disaster, and TNM. The oven disaster has been solved thanks to the GE repair man and so all that's to prevent me from finally getting to the mall is TNM. Well, we won't let that happen.

Animated GIF (downsized) courtesy of Magie Aniamted GIFs.

So, the plan is to do a Morning Brief on Friday and that will probably be it until after Christmas. Monday the 26th is the official holiday (whatever that means), and so TNM will be back live on Tuesday.

The First falls on Sunday this year, that means no Rose Bowl and the other college games until Monday the 2nd. TNM will be back, therefore, on the 3rd. Got that? Good.