Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Data Conversion Laboratory launches online eBook conversion services for small publishers, authors

Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) has launched a new online suite of services targeted at small publishers, companies and individual authors that streamlines the process of converting printed books into eBooks for distribution through Apple's iBook store and other new digital book retailers.

EPUB On Demand allows publishers to begin the conversion process online at the DCL website, converting electronic files, such as PDFs, Word and other formats, into EPub and mobi.

"We've been in business 30 years now and our services for that whole time was how to get information from what publishers have into what they need, new electronic forms," Mark Gross, President & CEO of DCL told TNM yesterday. "eBooks is just the latest incarnation of what we're doing."

"It's targeted to the smaller publisher, individual authors, and these days everyone's a publisher, " Gross said, "and are doing NOT hundreds of books a year, but are doing five, ten, fifteen, twenty, or even one book a year. This is a streamlined way to get into the process and get what they need."

The service will support all popular eReader devices and follows the same quality controls as the company's other conversion services. While a larger publisher would be assigned an account manager, this new services allows the publisher or author to begin the process online.

"You go onto the website, there is a series of questions on what kind of book is it, what do you want done, what format do you want on the other side of it, what kind of book is it, how many pages, and it proceeds to give you a price on it and let's you order right there," Gross said.

"Once it's sent in, it undergoes the same process, the same quality reviews, as anybody else. It's not an automated book converter. I don't know if you've tried any of those they don't provide particularly good results."

DCL began in the business during the early days of the PC industry, converting files for customers
such word processor documents into WordPerfect.

"Our initial business was helping people move from large computers into small computers, all B2B stuff," Gross told TNM. "What we are trying to do with the on-demand service is have a way to have small publishers work with us."

At the end of the process, DCL will load the new ePub file into the system of sellers like Apple, or the customer can handle that themselves, depending on their needs.