Friday, December 16, 2011

Late afternoon news briefs: Stanford drops bid to build high-tech campus in NYC; Bonds hits another one out of the park; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette launches beta website

If you want high-tech you want Silicon Valley. If you want high-tech education you want Stanford. But that university, tied extremely closely with the tech community, has dropped its bit, the NYT says.

Stanford officials were frustrated by the city’s attempts to negotiate new terms after the university submitted its proposal in October, according to people briefed on the matter, who insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to reveal private discussions.NYT report.
“We are in serious negotiations with several of the other applicants, each of whom has a game-changing project queued up," Julie Wood, deputy press secretary for the mayor is quoted as saying. "We look forward to announcing a winner soon. We thank Stanford for participating in our process and wish them good luck.”

Good luck? As if Stanford needs NYC? Listen, it may come as a bit of a surprise to New Yorkers, but people on the west coast, especially those in Silicon Valley, don't see NYC as the center of the universe. In fact, to the people in Cupertino and Mountain View, the center of their universe is right there – and Stanford is the center for higher education. Good luck New York.

So after all these years, all the hubbub and controversy, Barry Bonds is sentence to 250 hours of community service and a $4000 fine for lying to a grand jury.

Talk about hitting a home run.

Bonds is 47, but he'd still be the best bat in the outfield for the Giants if he suited up next year.

A comment was placed on an old story about the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's iPad app that appeared in April. My headline referred to their website, saying they'd be better off "revamping": their website.

Well, they are doing just that, according to the comment, launching a beta site that will presumably replace the current one. Here is the beta site, and here is the current one. Judge for yourself. (Minor complaint: I do wish they dedicated more real estate to their main stories rather than just listing headlines – that element is too much like their old site.)

Well, it looks like the government won't shut down as the House passed a budget bill. Negotiations are still ongoing for renewing the payroll tax cut currently in place and for authorizing jobless benefits.

You know I like to follow events in Greece here at TNM. The Guardian this afternoon has a new story up that says that investors pulled €12.3 billion out of Greek banks in the months of September and October, fearful that there would be no new bailout.

"This is part of the death spiral of the recession as a result of austerity measures. People realise that contagion has come to banks and they are very afraid of losing their deposits. On average around €4bn-€5bn in capital flees the banking system every month," Theodore Pelagidis, an economics professor at the University of Piraeus," told The Guardian.