Monday, December 19, 2011

Mag+ announces its creativity contest winner: 21-year-old New Zealander Natasha Mead wins with 'MILK'

Mag+ announced the winner of their creativity contest this morning: Natasha Mead, 21, won for her MILK entry. Mead, from New Zealand, will receive a $2,500 digital publishing deal with Mag+.

“It was an extremely tough decision, but the jury ultimately picked Milk as its Design Contest winner for a few reasons," the Jury wrote on the Mag+ website.

"First, it’s a smart idea for a tablet-first publication, with a narrow focus and a natural use for digital story-telling tools like video and slideshows. Second, on that same point, it really took advantage of Mag+, using the layered architecture to really show off beautiful photography and the seamless integration of rich media to help deliver the content. Finally, it’s just a beautiful design. It made us all want to go out and DIY our own fashion! We congratulate [insert name], and thank all the entrants for inspiring us with their novel ideas and designs”.

There were three finalists for the award including BLACK, a home-brewery guide by American Ryan Hoback, and VINTAGE MUM, a craft and lifestyle magazine by Swedes Diana Ortsheid and Marie Stübner.

You can read an interview with the winner on the Mag+ website, and read more from Mead on her blog, Milk & Mead.

Mag+ said that the website recorded over 10,000 votes during the contest. A video demo of MILK can be seen below. Congratulations, Natasha.