Monday, December 19, 2011

Media app updates: The Guardian issues update that will add in magazine; Maybach moves into Newsstand; Netflix app causes some users log-in trouble

With less than a week before Christmas, this probably isn't a good time to releasing new media apps, but it's a great time to issue updates – assuming they don't make matters worse (see below).

The Guardian today issued an update to its iPad edition.
I'm really torn about this app: it is the one tablet edition of a newspaper that I regularly open (it's currently free), but sometimes I open the app up and am just amazed at its design.

Today's edition is a good example: a lot of empty space. If the reader scrolls one screen down the look is much better, but the top of the page this morning just doesn't work.

The app description informs readers that update will add in the weekend magazine next month, and now readers can post articles from the app directly to Instapaper.

Maybach, the men's magazine from Tablazines, has been updated to move the tablet-only edition into Newsstand.

I assume that Chris English, the publisher, is now using Alligator Digital Magazines for Maybach, as there is a whole new look and feel to the app's library page.

New issues now cost $0.99, and a six month subscription is now $4.99. Three issues are currently available, with the first two – October and November – free of charge.

Twitter got a lot of criticism when it issued its app update on the 8th, and now Netflix is getting some negative feedback now for its update issued this weekend.
We understand that some of our members may be having trouble signing into the Netflix app. We're deeply sorry about the inconvenience and we'd like to work directly with you to figure out what is causing the problem.

We have a workaround that has been helpful for some members:

1. Try adding a space after the last character in your password, and
2. Verify that you can login to site but not phone (if neither works you will need to contact support.
Ooh, that's not good. Users probably can expect yet another update very soon.

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Tablazines said...

I don't think it was just the Netflix app. I had trouble signing in from the website, Kindle Fire and iPad this weekend.