Thursday, December 8, 2011

Morning Brief: The Guardian's interactive climate change map; Newsstand integration for Hoodgrown, Hearst's Express-News; Newsstand nears the 1,000 mark

The Guardian's website has an interesting interactive map that attempts to answer the question "Which nations are really responsible for climate change?"
The map takes data on CO2 emissions and other factors and breaks them down into eight different mappings.

Unfortunately, while the map is being featured on the newspaper's home pages of both its UK and US editions, the feature is completely missing from the paper's iPad app – no doubt for technical reasons (though I suppose it could have been a deadline issue, as well).

TNM reader and frequent commenter, Chris English has issued an update to his Hoodgrown Magazine app.

The update brings Hoodgrown into Apple's Newsstand, makes the app iOS 5 compliant, and adds Twiter and email sharing of stories.

The older issues that are available inside the app are mostly available free of charge, but the app will require $4.99 subscription for six monthly issues. No doubt this will put some pressure on Mr. English to get these issues out on time – good luck Chris!

The lastest issue available inside the app this morning is Issue 7, but the new app icon seems to suggest that a new issue will be available very soon (maybe Chris will give us a preview here in the comments later today). Update: I was five minutes too soon with the post, the new issue has just hit the app. It's priced at $0.99.
Also issuing an app update late yesterday was my old employer Hearst Newspapers. The app for the San Antonio Express-News has been updated to add it into Newsstand, as well.

The apps for the four Hearst papers are identical, though the Houston Chronicle app is still awaiting an update that moves it into Newsstand.

Speaking of Newsstand: almost 40 publications issued new or updated apps that support Newsstand into the US version of the App Store. This brings the total number of periodicals available in Newsstand to 914 (for the iPad, less for iPhone and iPod touch). No doubt Apple will be touting Newsstand when it hits 1,000, which should be soon.