Thursday, December 29, 2011

Morning Brief: NYT e-mail snafu; Iowa gets one more week of attention; Canada gripped by World Juniors

With the year winding down, and many promotional subscriptions coming to an end, the NYT is scrambling to convince many readers to re-up their digital and print subscriptions. But yesterday the Times committed a bit of an "oops" by sending emails to many customers saying their print subscriptions had been cancelled – even when those same readers were never print subscribers.

Our records indicate that you recently requested to cancel your home delivery subscription. Please keep in mind when your delivery service ends, you will no longer have unlimited access to and our NYTimes apps.

We do hope you’ll reconsider.
Later in the day another email was sent saying that the first email had been sent in error – and today the Times posted a correction on its website home page:
The Times mistakenly sent e-mails Wednesday to subscribers and others, erroneously stating that home delivery of the newspaper had been canceled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Being the week between Christmas and New Years, things are pretty slow in the media world. But on January 3rd the Iowa Caucuses take place, marking the beginning of the primary season. Because of this any bit of news that comes from the campaigns this week is considered big stuff.

This morning the politicos are reporting that the state chairman for the Michele Bachmann campaign has defected over to the Ron Paul campaign. The defection of Kent Sorenson is considered "stunning" news to some. But by next weekend, when all attention leaves Iowa for New Hampshire this will all be forgotten, even if Paul pulls off an upset in Iowa.

Remember, Huckabee won in Iowa four years ago. John McCabe finished fourth and was the eventual nominee.

Are you following the 2012 IIHF World Junior Championships? Probably not if you are an American, or not a avid hockey fan. But the annual event, which always kicks off just after Christmas, is big stuff in Canada, and is quite an exciting event.

The hockey tournament pits the top national teams comprised of players under the age of 20. The event is taking place in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta – last year's event was in Buffalo, New York.

The tournament has been won by the Russians in 2011, the U.S. in 2010, and the Canadians in 2009, with the Swedes also being very competitive.

The U.S. was upset yesterday by the team from Finland, and frankly looked pretty bad (giving the puck away consistently), but they are still among the favorites in the tournament. They must beat the Czechs tomorrow, though, or else face a must win game against Canada on New Year's Eve (the Canadians have looked like the best team in the tournament through two games).

You can check out the tournament if you get the NHL Network (the iPad app will be of no help).