Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Morning Brief: Time picks 'The Protester' for its Person of the Year; Tribune Company updates its iPad apps, leaves them outside Newsstand; Markets and Euro fall at open

Time Magazine said it had chosen "The Protester" for its Person of the Year when it unveiled the cover for its year end issue.

While many lobbied for Steve Jobs to get the nod, his death is highlighted in the Farewell section of the issue.

Time doesn't have its marketing quite in order, however, as the issue is not available as of yet inside its own app, though the cover story is leading the magazine's website. (Apparently they won't sell you the issue, but will give it away free online! How old media of them.)

These Person of the Year covers for Time are very much like the Pulitzer Prizes: watched very closely by the media but largely irrelevant to readers.

Tribune Interactive updated both of its iPad apps for the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

Both apps, though, remain outside of Apple's Newsstand, which is probably a wise decision as they are more an extension of the individual paper's websites than a true alternative to the print product. But the decision to launch these apps without any subscription charge, and with as much content as it does have, will only make it that much harder to launch a paid version sometime down the road.

The stock markets opened moderately lower today, following up on a pretty bad week so far for investors. The Euro, too, continued its fall in value, dropping below the $1.30 mark.

You know people are worried when live blogs appear online to follow the market and other financial developments. The Guardian, for instance, is leading its U.S. website with the live blog, which is being edited out of the U.K. The U.K. version, however, is leading with about the country's unemployment hitting a 17 year high. The live blog is right up there in the main group of stories, however.