Friday, December 9, 2011

Morning Brief: UK faces European isolation after using its veto; Zinio gives away $25 gift cards at opening of Grand Central Station Apple Store

The U.K. used its veto to try and prevent the reopening of the Lisbon treaty, a move favored by Germany and many of the other EU countries.

The move by Prime Minister David Cameron was seen as further isolating the U.K. from the rest of the Eurozone.

“David Cameron requested something we all considered unacceptable, a protocol in the treaty allowing the U.K. to be exempted for a certain number of financial regulations,” said French President President Nicolas Sarkozy.

British papers are trying to assess what this means, and what the consequences might be.

Michael White, The Guardian: So is today's isolation splendid or miserable? Is it better or for worse? Well, plenty are dashing on to radio and TV to assert both options with glib over-confidence. In refusing to join the emerging fiscal union Cameron has forced the EU majority to create what are known as "inter-governmental" arrangements, not formal EU arrangements. Paris and Berlin will not be pleased.

Yet I do not hear the sound of champagne corks or celebration among British Eurosceptics. Beware of what you wish for, is a wise saying. Who knows what happens now? But Europe, for all its follies and failings, has become a scapegoat for weaknesses that are really our own. We may be about to rediscover that awkward truth. It was why we joined in the first place.
Gavin Hewitt, Europe editor for the BBC wrote that the moves by the countries of the Eurozone were a "major step was taken towards closer integration. It was not as a result of popular demand by Europe's people. It came about because Europe's leaders believed their project had "never been in such danger"."

But as for the U.K., Hewitt said that the result of Cameron's veto will be a more isolated U.K.

"The main obstacle to treaty change was Britain. Never has the UK been more isolated in Europe. David Cameron has antagonized many European leaders. In their view he used his veto at a time of Europe's hour of need."

Zinio, the digital newsstand, is celebrating the opening of Apple's Grand Central Station store, as well as the holiday season, by giving consumers $25 gift cards.

If you are in NYC today I'd say it might be smart to head over to Grand Central Station.

Speaking of Apple: Apple sent a message to its developers with apps inside iTunes recommending that developers include higher resolution screenshots. "We recommend uploading your screenshots using high-resolution images so that your app will be optimized for the Retina display," Apple's notice said.

There was also a reminder to check to see if all contracts have been signed inside the iTunes Connect website. Three contracts may apply: one for paid apps worldwide, another Apple's iAd Network, and finally one that applies to all free iOS apps.