Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Comcast issues iOS update to its mobile app that (it claims) brings texting services, but users complain

Cable and Internet provider Comcast issued an update to its universal app, Xfinity Mobile, that the company claims brings free texting services to iPhone and iPad users. But early adopters are complaining that the app update introduces bugs to the app.
My own experience with the update is that after downloading the new version and installing it, the actual app does not match the screenshots seen in the app description. At right is the screenshot used in the App Store that shows "Text" as part of the Messages.

But even after confirming that the new version of the app was loaded I did not get this navigation bar. Worse, the app forces the user to sign in each time the user accesses a different part of the app – at least three times in total – in order to access the account and TV portions.

In short, Comcast has made a mess of their mobile app.

The Android version of the same app was updated on December 20th inside the Android Market, but there, too, users are complaining about the app's performance. But the Android app description does, however, add a line saying that texting is "not available in all areas". This may explain the texting issue.