Friday, January 6, 2012

Indy tablet magazine Citizen New York updates its iPad app, but ends up breaking it

Most app updates are introduced to fix bugs in the app – others, unfortunately, introduce bugs. That is the situation with Citizen New York, an indy tablet-only magazine originally launched at the end of 2011.
The app update, issued today, breaks the subscription mechanism, making it impossible for readers to buy the magazine. As it is, the publisher is only charging 99 cents for a subscription.

But one must assume that the app will be updated again really soon, like almost immediately. In the meantime, the app update's real purpose was to introduce vertical viewing of the indy magazine. Prior to the update the screenshots all show only landscape layouts.

Leaving the subscription bug out of the discussion for a second, the real reason to talk about Citizen New York is to discuss the idea of a tablet-only magazine and web support.
The first question I had upon stumbling on Citizen New York was "who is behind this magazine?" – followed by "what is the magazine about?"

Unfortunately, the links inside the app description all go to a home page with no information about the magazine other than a link back to the App Store. One has to go back to the nineties to find print magazines without a fully functioning website, so I think the same principal would apply to a tablet magazine: one should launch the website at the same time, or before the launch of the tablet magazine.

If you're interested in checking out Citizen New York you can download the app now, then watch for an app update in iTunes, or your iPad's App Store app.

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