Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last day for Quark's special upgrade price

This is very old news, but I thought it worth a reminder: Quark is offering a special upgrade price for QuarkXPress 9 until January 31 – meaning you only have until the end of the day to make your decision.

The price is $299 and it allows QuarkXpress users to upgrade from any previous version of the software. If you use QuarkXpress and haven't upgraded then now is the time.

The big disappointment with Quark, for me anyways, is that Quark is partnering with Aquafadas to create iPad publications, rather than developing their own solution. This isn't a criticism of Aquafadas, mind you. I have sat in on their webinars and kept up with their product. But the idea that Quark would not have its own front to back solution is mind boggling.

As for Aquafadas, it remains a very expensive way to go – especially in comparison with Mag+. This price sheet from the company will get you the details.

A single monthly magazine that wants a newsstand app will be charged $13,250 for the first year license, with monthly issues costing $250 each. For a major consumer magazine this is a drop in the production bucket – but then again those magazines are using Adobe's digital publishing solution. For everyone else this one will make you look a long time at your P&L to see if you really want to do this – and that alone is costing sales.

Maybe the prices will fall if the Euro collapses.