Wednesday, January 4, 2012

TNM in 2012

Some TNM readers, but admittedly very few, noticed that TNM was offline yesterday. This little test confirmed my decision that TNM should be be shut down.

For the past year TNM's readership has continued to grow – both in total numbers and in geographic reach – but the site has never reached a critical mass where it could be considered a viable business.

That is OK, because TNM was never intended to become a viable business, instead it was an educational journey for its creator. The fact that along the way readers began to come daily to the site was gratifying.

But now it is time to move on.

Here is the plan: over the next 30 to 90 days TNM will morph into a new media site – less blog, more B2B. At the same time, at least one new site will be launched in a completely different area – more consumer, less media.

These new sites will launch under a different umbrella name and at different URLs. More details will follow over the course of days and weeks to come. Until that launch date, TNM will remain online in order to post the occasional news item or opinion. (I recommend subscribing to the Twitter feed in order to know when new posts have appeared.)

I also killed off the TNM for iPhone app in the App Store yesterday, but will go ahead and return it for those who sometimes need to delete the app and reinstall it (there is a bug that appears to be caused by the RSS feed from Feedburner that necessitates this). But the Kindle Edition has been taken out of (few were subscribing anyway).

More later.