Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another web property, The Next Web, launches its own tablet magazine using the Mag+ platform

Another web-only property has seen the wisdom of launching a tablet-only magazine in support, and as a supplement to, its web property. The Next Web, an Internet tech and news site, has launched TNW Magazine into the App Store and its first issue is available as of today.
TNW Magazine joins Engadget Distro in Apple's Newsstand, though while the AOL property is giving away its tablet magazine, The Next Web hopes to sell subscriptions to TNW Magazine. Issues will be $0.99 per issue, or $9.99 for an annual subscription (£6.99 in the UK).

The concept of launching a tablet magazine in support of a web property is exactly what I have been thinking of for the past year. These two new tablet magazine definitely make me more than a little jealous. But the reason TNM has not launched its own iPad magazine is because of the economics involved. While using a digital publishing solution like Mag+, which is how The Next Web built its magazine, is not terribly expensive, it is definitely too much for a site like Talking New Media (sadly).

TNW Magazine is a typical Mag+ digital magazine – and that is meant as a compliment. The magazine features good native layouts with fonts that are easy to read and do not require pinch-to-zoom in order to make out what is written.

The first few pages of the preview of the premiere issue of TNW Magazine.

The app contains a preview of the current issue, seen at left. The actual issue contains an animated cover, which you can see here.

The trick to a digital magazine tied to a web property is, of course, having content that works in magazine form and is not just repurposed web content.

TNW Magazine does this well with its feature articles, less well with its news bits.

The problem is that B2B and tech may not be the best areas to launch one of these digital magazines, though it is good to see The Next Web making the effort. One currently doesn't see any of the media or advertising industry trade publications inside Newsstand, that's for sure.