Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brinkster, a cloud hosting company, launches its own industry iPad magazine into Apple's Newsstand

If the B2B media industry won't serve your industry's needs with a trade magazine why not launch your own?

That is the idea behind CLOUD Magazine, a new tablet magazine launched into Apple's App Store today.
The app is free to download, and although it says that a subscription is $2.99, the March/April issue can be downloaded free of charge.

I attempted to contact the company behind the tablet magazine, Brinkster, via e-mail and telephone but did not hear back from them. Brinkster is a cloud hosting company out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Jared Stauffer is the president and CEO and is listed as the editor of the new magazine, though the one person I spoke to said that Doug Penick, who is listed as Design Director, might have been the person behind the magazine's development.

The first issue is 34 pages, and as you would expect from a magazine produced by a company within an industry, it contains a few pages promoting Brinkster. But otherwise the tablet magazine contains the kinds of articles you might expect.

Cloud Magazine is a professional Cloud computing resource for small and medium business leaders. The magazine is intended for owners, CEOs, CFOs, and other senior management who feel the energy of the Cloud, but are having difficulty finding solutions that apply to businesses of their size. Cloud Magazine is also a resource for progressive IT managers looking for ways to express Cloud concepts to their less technical colleagues.

Our primary objective is to educate you, providing the knowledge you need to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities the Cloud provides. Our second objective is to help reduce anxiety. The Cloud has been quietly evolving for years, but many are just starting to understand it and may feeling behind and a little overwhelmed. And finally we aim to keep you entertained along the way. Thanks for reading!
The app can only be read in portrait which saves time on the download, which weighs in a less than 100MB. Whether the app uses a digital publishing system such as Mag+ I do not know, but the layouts are easy to navigate and clearly designed solely for the tablet.
The magazine reminds me of Small Times, a magazine launched by Ardesta to promote nanotechnology. The magazine was eventually purchased by Pennwell, but the title essentially no longer exist.

The idea is simple enough: every industry needs its trade journal to promote the industry as a whole, if one doesn't exist why not launch one yourself. With the rise of tablet publishing, this is now easier than ever.

(If the folks at Brinkster get back to me I'll follow-up with more details.)