Thursday, February 23, 2012

comScore report highlights the digital ad dominance of Facebook; mobile sees explosive growth across the board

The new reports issued today by comScore should be required reading for any digital publisher or advertising executive. The digital marketing research company has issued reports that contain a ton of good data, as well as a few as some insights that will make you shake your head.

While many writers will dwell on the Apple versus Google market share information (yes, there are more Android phones out there, duh), I was intrigued by this chart, see at right. It shows something that has been true every since digital advertising first became an industry: the top sites dominate.

Now I could be argued that Facebook is a special case, but the numbers are astounding.

I've heard from some ad agency folk that the concentration of digital ad dollars into a limited number of properties was a result of the digital ad business being new, and that with time we'd see the same sort of diversification that occurs with print and broadcast. I'm not so sure I buy that anymore. (It is true that the top sites do incorporate multiple sites, if not brands.)

The next chart, seen at right, almost got me excited.

As a former classified ad guy, seeing any increase in the category gets one excited. But all the categories in mobile are growing at a brisk pace, and the growth in any one category does not mean that the once dominate print players in that category are seeing any real growth. No, in fact, much of that growth is coming at the expense of the traditional players.

Classified and mobile are a marriage made in heaven, why the newspaper industry has not seen it that was remains a mystery.

You can download the whitepaper, 2012 Mobile Future in Focus (direct link), on the comScore website.