Thursday, February 2, 2012

Media app updates: TNT updates its famously buggy TV app; Hearst Newspapers issues updates for its four titles

Many cable channels are issuing stand alone app such as HBO GO which was well received before users started to complain about bugs. The biggest complaint, though, is usually that a viewer must sign into their cable TV provider account in order to access the content. The reason for this is that since the cable provider to paying the channel for the privilege of including the channel in its offerings they do not want the channels themselves to be able to stream content for free.
As a result, if you download the HBO GO app and get your TV from a cable provider not on the list of providers on HBO GO's log-in page you are out of luck.

Then there is the issue of app bugs. TNT's iPad app has been panned by users for being buggy (as well as having too many commercials).

Today TNT got around to updating its TNT for iPad app so we will soon see if users think the new version is an improvement.

I found the app functional – barely. The video is jumpy and low resolution. There is no AirPlay capability, which frankly at this stage is incredible. As for the offerings, they are very limited depending on the series selected.

Hearst Newspapers updated all four of its iPad apps for its newspaper titles: San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Express-News and Albany Times-Union.
Most of the complaints about the previous apps have been from users who don't understand what happens when an app is updated to include Newsstand support. The standalone app icon is moved in Newsstand, but some users think the app has disappeared completely. Unfortunately, those reviews stay in the App Store even though they are mistaken.

The new app updates bring in a new games section and fix some bugs. The look and feel of all four apps remains the same – which is my biggest complaint about the approach, each newspaper loses its local look and feel.

Oh well, at least they work.

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