Thursday, February 16, 2012

Newsy updates its iOS apps while recently making its first appearance inside Amazon's app store, as well

Newsy, the video news analysis organization, has updated its iOS apps, changing its user interfaces and making other changes, as well.

The apps, Newsy for iPad - Video from Multiple Sources and Newsy: Multisource Video News Analysis for iPhone, now feature a better AirPlay capability that include transcripts and comments in full screen.
Users can continue to download the videos for offline viewing, a very convenient feature for travelers looking to watch news content when on a flight, or when they are without an internet connection.

Newsy also has an Android version available that can be used on the Kindle Fire (seen at left next to the iPad). While the iPad version contains banner ads from the ad network Jumptap, the Kindle Fire version, is without the same ads (possibly due to the reduced display real estate).

If you've never seen the Newsy videos they follow a consistent pattern: a topic is covered by featuring a news reader behind a background and video clips are aggregated from outside news sources such as CNN. Then the news reader often adds in reactions from blogs or news sites. The formula can be considered either relentlessly objective, or very he-said/he-said.

The Newsy app that I have on the Kindle Fire is one of the few news apps that have made a good transition to that platform as the video content looks fine on the smaller tablet. Other news organizations have generally ported over their smartphone apps to Android and so the experience is more like the iPhone (only larger, of course).