Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OC Register updates 'The Peel', issues & subscription remain free 'for limited time'; Mag+ updates Reviewer app

The Orange County Register has updated its iPad edition, now called 'The Peel', and moved it into Newsstand.
The app, OCRegister The Peel, remains one of the better tablet editions being produced by a daily newspaper. It retains its afternoon edition philosophy. So users accessing the app in the morning will be disappointed to see that the previous day's edition is the latest available. But the strategy makes sense when one looks at reader studies, and since readers can always access the website during the day, it is not as if the OC Register is not without a presence prior to the latest edition hitting reader's iPads.

The app allows readers to subscribe and access the individual issues for free – according to the app description, though, for a limited time. So the subscription I signed up for is without any sort of defined time, I suppose.

One thing I noticed with the app is that once you have subscribed the latest issue downloads automatically. But I had previously downloaded that same issue. This is a bug that should be fixed in the future, I hope.

The latest issue is 55.6MB in size with the issues working in both portrait and landscape.

The first TNM post on this app appeared in April of last year and featured an interview with Claus Enevoldsen, then Freedom Communications’s Director of Interactive of Marketing. Enevoldsen is currently Senior Marketing Manager at Next Issue Media.

Left: Look, traffic's not bad in Orange County... at 6 in the morning; Right: the app features native design for story layouts.

Mag+ has updated its Mag+ Reviewer app today.

The newly updated app features, according to the app description, the following changes:
  • Pop-up support.
  • Ad Marvel integration.
  • Links inside embedded HTML elements can now open in a separate browser window.
  • Contents button disappears if no custom designed Table of Contents is present.
  • Minor bugfixes.