Monday, February 13, 2012

A shout out to yesterday's tweeters and live bloggers

If much of the mainstream media (in the U.S. & U.K.) did such an awful job reporting on events in Greece, who deserves a shout-out?

Well, for starters, there were the thousands of Twitter users who were actively trying to spread information – though much of its was rumor, and far too much of its was false information.

Yannis Koutsomitis

One of several Twitter users I was paying attention too, however, was Yannis Koutsomitis, who tweets as YanniKouts. Koutsomitis is a USC grad, by the way. He was following the debate in Parliament and provided an immediate a translation – as well as a prediction on the final vote count. He was proved right that the measure would pass, but I think was somewhat surprised that so many MPs would be willing to buck their party's demands that they vote "yes".

Another who stepped up yesterday was Efthimia Efthimiou, a Greek journalist at Both the media firm's tweets and their website is in Greek, but @EfiEfthimiou's tweets are in English (saving me enormous time from not having to cut and paste tweets into Google Translate.

The Athens News maintained a live blog on Sunday, written by Lamprini C. Thoma and Damian Mac Con Uladh. They did an excellent job, though they should look at The Guardian's live blogs for guidance – more posts would be nice. The blog also made the mistake of embedding live video streams. This is a no-no as these streams have to be paused every time the user refreshes the page – and as the day goes by these videos are lower and lower on the page, making it a hassle to turn them off. A simple link to the streams would be better.

Damian Mac Con Uladh also writes for the Irish Times (here is his piece from today).