Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Update: More information on the new CLOUD Magazine app from cloud storage solutions company Brinkster

As I promised in my original post, here is more information about the new tablet magazine, CLOUD Magazine, from cloud storage solutions company Brinkster Communications Corp.
As I suspected, the publishing team used Mag+ to create their new tablet magazine app, according to Jared Stauffer, President & CEO of Brinkster.

"We built the app ourselves using the Mag+ platform. This method worked well for us and we would highly recommend it," Stauffer wrote me last night.

As for why they created their own industry app:

"Sure, there’s a lot of information out there about the Cloud," Stauffer said, "but who’s it aimed at? Most of it is only relevant to large enterprises, Fortune 500/1000 companies with 1,000+ employee companies. These companies have a CTO/CIO and IT teams the size of most small businesses. And, these larger companies have much larger resources to tap in to when migrating to the Cloud," Stauffer explained.

"So how much of it is applicable to SMB (small and medium businesses)? Not much. We created Cloud Magazine to fill the gap."