Friday, February 24, 2012

YUDU launches a new Newsstand app option for magazine publishers called Easi-App

The UK based digital publishing support company, YUDU, today introduced a new lower cost way for publishers to launch their magazine apps into Apple's Newsstand. Called Easi-App, YUDU says that a publisher launching a 72-page magazine would expect to pay about £350 per edition.

The way the pricing works is that there is an app fee, paid quarterly, then a fee for each edition based on the number of pages that issue contains. Based on this formula YUDU says a "typical 72-page monthly magazine is just £350 per edition." (Based on the value of the pound that translates to about $590 per edition.)

Any app using the new pricing model would be purely a replica edition, of course, as YUDU says on its website that adding in photo galleries, multimedia or any cross-platform capabilities would require an upgrade.

The good news is that there is no revenue share requirement with Easi-App, so publishers get to keep whatever sales they generate for themselves.

Below is the promotional video for the new YUDU Easi-App: