Tuesday, March 6, 2012

American Athlete Magazine issues its premiere issue in a new iPad app

This post is already outdated. A new post that looks at the new American Athlete tablet edition can be found here.

In all the times I've looked at new media apps downloaded from the App Store I've never encountered one that simply would not install on my iPad. This is certainly a first.

The DavidHenry Agency has released a magazine app with the rather long name of American Athlete Magazine PREMIERE ISSUE. The app is free, and I assume the content is, as well.

But it is certainly a strange app. First of all it simply will not install on my iPad. I downloaded it, pressed "sync" and nothing. I did that several times and it looked like it was installing, then nothing. Dragging the app onto the iPad won't work either, something that does for all other apps.

The issue might be that I have an original iPad, something I hope to remedy very soon. But if this is the problem, then this is the only magazine app I've had that problem with. Other apps that require a camera won't install either, for obvious reasons (the original iPad doesn't have a camera) but a warning message usually appears.

The problem certainly isn't my version iOS. My iPad is a development tablet so it is always on the latest operating system (sometimes it has beta software on it, though not at this time. (I also rebooted my iPad to make sure it was working properly. Finally, another app that I downloaded at the same time installed fine.)

There are other things strange about this app, as well. For instance, it seems to be following the rather outdated method of releasing a new app for every issue. This is one is called "American Athlete Magazine PREMIERE ISSUE", that means they'll need to issue a whole other app when issue 2 comes out. Also, I don't see any in-app purchase, which means no subscriptions. Finally, the app is outside of Apple's Newsstand.

As for the app description, well, there simply isn't much to read.

Clicking on the app's support page doesn't give any information, either – it only asks questions like what iPad are you on? It lists, believe it or not, the iPad 3.

Another interesting thing: there are four reviews inside the App Store, all five-star reviews, and several from people who have never reviewed anything else – I always find that a bit suspect (though I certainly can't prove anything).

Maybe this app wasn't meant to be released now. You tell me, can you download and install this to your iPad, especially your original version iPad? Let me know.

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Konstantinos Antonopoulos said...

There must have been some kind of update overnight: for me (iPad 2 on latest iOS, d/l from Europe) it downloaded and installed very smoothly. Also, it should now feature subscriptions, since it can be found in the Newsstand.

The only major down point is the large file size typically found on Adobe DPS (560 MB), but other than that it is a solid app with some good ideas on interactivity. I don't know if I will stay with it if it moves to a pay model, but until then I will enjoy it.