Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Apple launch, more lines

You would think that by this time we would have moved on. But no, people still want to line up for the opportunity to buy the latest gizmo from Apple. The new iPad costs about two unemployment checks – apparently the sweet spot for tablet pricing.

Several tech sites are showing photographs of lines forming in the dark outside Apple, Walmart and Best Buy stores in locations like Paris, New York, Houston, etc. Funny, you never see pictures like that from my home town: Detroit.

Left: lines form to buy the new iPad outside a downtown store. Right: early arrivers stand in line too long and turn to stone.

Well, I'll be waiting for the FedEx truck today to deliver my new iPad. The driver, who dropped off the new Apple TV yesterday warned me that they have plenty to deliver and that I might want to consider signing the release form in advance. I have a feeling she is thinking of driving by and flinging the new tablets out her truck as if she were delivering the morning paper. I might throw a bunch a blankets out on my driveway in order to cushion the fall.