Monday, March 5, 2012

April Madness: Mobile and tablet owners can use free apps to file their returns, but add-ons will cost you

You've heard of March Madness, that time of year when college basketball holds its post season tournaments. But April Madness, tax season, is far more serious a time. Since the traditional day to file your taxes falls on a Sunday this year, the government has moved the date taxes filing is due to Tuesday, April 17.
Filers have lots of choices of electronic ways to compute and file their taxes, with new mobile and tablet apps now available, as well.

H&R Block has just issued an Android version of its H&R Block At Home program. It versions that can be found in Apple's App Store for iPhone (called H&R Block At Home EZ2011) and iPad (called Free Edition).

Intuit has a complete line of apps for file preparation. Just last week it updated its biggie – TurboTax 2011 Tax Preparation – Complete and Efile Your Income Tax Return – maybe the iPad app with the longest name in the App Store. Intuit also has an iPhone app for those who file the 1040-EZ form called TurboTax SnapTax – Taxes made easy for simple tax returns.

All these tax apps have one thing in common, a new pricing model. The apps are free, it is the add-ons that will cost you, including actually filing the return. They also generally include up grades for more complicated tax returns, or fees for filing your state returns, etc.

The things that are guaranteed in life: death, taxes, and hidden fees.