Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chicago Tribune inks deal with Agate Publishing to produce ebooks under the Agate Digital imprint

The Chicago Tribune has inked a deal to produce ebooks with Evanston, Ill.-based Agate Publishing Inc. The digital books will appear as part of Agate’s new imprint, Agate Digital.

“Our aim in working with the Tribune is to produce ebooks that can be brought to market very rapidly and satisfy readers’ growing appetite for material that can be purchased and read using their digital devices,” Agate president Doug Seibold said in the company's announcement.

“We feel this represents a great opportunity for us to experiment together in the fast-evolving ebook market. We’re very excited to bring our years of experience in publishing ebooks to bear on the Tribune’s behalf. We look forward to exploring innovative ways to develop, produce, and market ebooks alongside the Tribune,” Seibold said.

The new ebooks will get their content from Trib owned material and will appear in all the major ebook distribution channels, as well as through the Tribune's and Agate's own websites.

Books inside iTunes, such as I, Steve by George Beahm, appear under the author's name in Apple's store, though a search for "Agate" will bring up many of the titles currently available.