Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Google looks to transform its Android Market into a robust alternative to the iTunes store and Amazon.com

Google today relaunched its Android Market into the Google Play store just days after reports that music sales for Google have so far been disappointing.

The move is a logical move to create a one-stop retail site similar to what can currently be offered by both Apple with its iTunes and Amazon.com.

The new site itself is not dramatically different than the old one, though the emphasis is now media rather than strictly apps. The idea, which has merit, is that Android phone and tablet users will be exposed to more buying choices with Google play than with the Android Market.

Google Play itself refers to the new cloud-based service the search giant hopes will stoke music and media sales. Just as Apple's iCloud offers content that can be read or listened to on multiple devices, Google Play offers the same sort of service, while integrating the whole package with its Google+ social networking service.

And, of course, there is a promotional video: