Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Google Translate adds new language support

If there is one area where I think iOS falls short it is in regard to translation services. Unlike Chrome which has this function built-in, Apple's Safari is still absent translation services.

The best alternative remains Google's own app, Google Translate.

The app, up until now, hasn't been a perfect solution because of the way copy, cut and paste work on iOS devices – getting the right text remains difficult, at least for me – but now Google has updated the app (which is universal, so can be used on the iPad, as well).

The new update, issued last night, brings in translation support for more languages, adding Thai and Slovak text to speech, and Arabic and Hebrew voice input.

But most significantly (for most users) the app now has a tap to copy translation function that might well make it easier to copy those translation results into texts and emails.

So far the app is getting great reviews inside the App Store – well, except for those one-star reviews from users still upset that the app doesn't accept Filipino voice input.