Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Guardian Eyewitness gets an app update that brings in better graphics, but so far not higher resolution photos

Speaking of The Guardian (see story below): the British newspaper has updated its photojournalism app this morning. The Guardian Eyewitness has been a very good, if under appreciated, iPad app. But the paper has not issued regular updates for the app (something I would recommend even if TNM has been negligent in that area, as well).
The update updates the graphics but does not appear to update the resolution of the photographs – at least not yet. The update also adds multi-tasking and background downloading of images – though this is really not all that important here.

The one thing missing from the app is direct streaming of the photographs through AirPlay. On a new iPad or iPad 2 one can stream the photo to an Apple Tv through mirroring, but it would be nice if the app did this directly (much like a YouTube video).

I would think that future photographs would now be rendered in higher resolution – we'll watch to see if The Guardian beings doing this now that they have updated the app.