Friday, March 30, 2012

In the land of Insanity, only the sane are considered crazy

Short news items read this morning while drinking my coffee.

UK: Unite, the UK's largest trade union, represents gasoline truck drivers. These drivers voted to strike four days ago. In response, the Tory government recommended that citizens horde gasoline, leading to panic buying and shortages.

BBC: Woman seriously burned decanting petrol

A woman suffered serious burns when petrol ignited as she was decanting it in the kitchen of her York home because her daughter had run out of fuel.

The woman, who is in her 40s, suffered 40% burns in the accident on Moorgate in the Acomb area on Thursday evening.
In a local election last night, the candidate from Respect, George Galloway, defeated opposing candidates in what had been considered a safe Labour seat.

The Guardian: George Galloway wins Bradford West byelection
George Galloway, the leading figure in Respect, has grabbed a remarkable victory in the Bradford West byelection, claiming that "By the grace of God, we have won the most sensational victory in British political history".

It appeared that the seat's Muslim community had decamped from Labour en masse to Galloway's call for an immediate British troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and a fightback against the job crisis.

On a turnout of 50.78%, Labour's shellshocked candidate Imran Hussain was crushed by a 36.59% swing from Labour to Respect that saw Galloway take the seat with a majority of 10,140.
Greece: When things go bad in your country there can only be one explanation – they are to blame. Who "they" are will, of course, depend on your point of view. But one group always picked out are immigrants, especially so-called illegal immigrants.

Athens News: Police detain 491 people after street checks
Police said 455 officers were involved in the operation, in which a total of 1,023 people (283 Greeks and 740 non-nationals) were stopped and checked on the streets.

Kathimerini: Greece to cut spending by 12 bn euros by 2014, PM says
Greece will cut state spending by about 12 billion euros by 2014 to meet conditions under an EU-IMF debt rescue, Prime Minister Lucas Papademos told Parliament on Friday.

"In 2013-2014 a reduction in state spending of about 12 billion euros is required under the new economic program,» Papademos told lawmakers in response to parliamentary questions.
Today the European Central Bank announced that they will no longer accept Greek bonds as as collateral for loans after the country was downgraded by credit rating agencies.