Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Installation Magazine launches as a tablet edition of their art magazine inside the Apple Newsstand

A new tablet-only magazine launched inside Apple's Newsstand last night: Installation Magazine is an art magazine that is offering its premiere issue free of charge inside the app.
The Los Angeles based magazine plans to publish quarterly and readers can get every issue by buying an annual subscription inside Newsstand for $9.99. According to the magazine's app description future issues will "range from $2.99 - $4.99".

The "California" issue, the one available today inside the app, weighs in at 205.8 MB and is a fairly quick download. The tablet edition itself supports both portrait and landscape layouts, though portrait is the preferred orientation as not all content is available in landscape.

The magazine sports a native design, much easier to accomplish as a quarterly, that's for sure.

The issue opens with a video embedded into the background of the cover and proceeds with articles with embedded scrolling text boxes.

The app was a little sluggish on my original iPad, but I'm sure would be smooth reading on a new model. I am trying to determine how the magazine was produced, but the time difference with L.A. will force me to include that information in an update. The magazine's website credits Viewbook, the Rotterdam-based developer of portfolio solutions, but I don't sense that Viewbook had anything to do with this tablet edition.

As for the magazine itself, searching online reveals that the magazine was launched as a print magazine last summer. The current digital issue appears to be that same issue reformatted for digital. The FAQ on the magazine's site seems to suggest that the magazine will continue in print, as well as digital, but we'll have to wait and see if this is the approach they want to take.

A. Moret is the magazine's editor, with Field Sells listed as creative director. Sophia Kercher is credited with Facts & Research. All three are active in the arts / publishing industry in Los Angeles.