Thursday, March 15, 2012

NYT promotes its Android version of Election 2012 app

Strange e-mail in my in-box this morning: the New York Times wants me to know that it now has an Android version of its Election 2012 app in the Android Market, Google Play, or whatever they call that place now-a-days.

The thing is, though, that the app has been out since at least March 8, according to the Android store. That was two days after Super Tuesday, so they missed that deadline – and the e-mail is hitting my in-box two days after the latest GOP primaries, as well.

It's a minor thing, I suppose, but it does go to a point I've made in the past: newspapers are just not very good at marketing today.

When I first got in this business professionally, the airwaves in Los Angeles were filled with promotions from the L.A. Times and my paper, the Herald Examiner. Today, hearing a spot for the local paper is rare, indeed.

Here is an even more minor point: the photo you see here was in the e-mail. Dragging the photo to my desktop I see that it's name includes "iPhone" – oops.

I guess I just take it personally when I see newspaper promotions like this, being someone still very much committed to the medium.

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irshad said...

New york times app is cool.
been using it for sometime now along with election caster.
There's this latest entrant, electionoid. so far this looks more interactive and more election-oriented than any other election apps out there.