Friday, March 9, 2012

Retweet: LinkedIn study tracks industry segment growth or decline; data spans 2007 to 2011

If you haven't read this LinkedIn blog post, and you're in the media business, you've got to head on over to read the whole thing.

Scott Nicholson wrote this post that looks at which industrie are expanding (Renewables & Environment, Internet, Online Publishing) and which are most definitely not (Newspapers, Restaurants). The report was compiled in partnership with the Council of Economic Advisors.

There is also a related post at The Economist (dated March 10) that looks at job titles.

The best part of the LinkedIn post, however, is the graphic (seen below) which can't make those few remaining print advocates very happy.

But one word of caution: the data is from 2007 to 2011. Since we have been in a prolonged economic slowdown one can't see whether a trend is strictly caused by a declining economy, or is truly indicative of a growth industry – a bit of interpretation will be necessary.

In any case, great work by LinkedIn. Again, you can read the entire post here.