Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Swiss manufacturer, Franke, brings its custom content magazine, CoffeeBar, to the iPad and Newsstand

Custom content has always been part of the iPad's media offerings, whether is is magazines from automobile companies, or catalogs, companies have been pretty quick to use the popularity of the iPad as a marketing opportunity.
This morning the Swiss-based manufacturer Franke saw the magazine published in support of its coffee business, CoffeeBar, released into the App Store.

Franke CoffeeBar Magazine, as you'd expect from a magazine designed to promote a company, is a free app offering its content for free. Franke Coffee Systems is listed as the seller within iTunes.

CoffeeBar is published only twice a year, but in three languages: German, French and English. Because of this, creating a tablet edition means having to decide whether to create separate apps, or try incorporate the different versions into one. By choosing to go with a replica edition approach, Franke was able to sandwich all three editions inside the app.

CoffeeBar also was able to launch with the previously published issues going back to 2007 – ten in all as there is only one issue from 2009.

Of course, being a replica means that the digital version of the magazine is often hard to read – impossible in landscape. But this may be one case where going the replica route makes the most sense for the publisher.

(Disclosure: I was, for a brief time, the publisher of a B2B magazine inside the coffee industry. The poor title – not to be named here – has seen more publishers and editors come and go in its short history than most titles do in a century.)